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Artist of the Month


Julienne Joseph

Julienne Joseph, is the Founder and Owner of Bright Base Photography. Over the years, Julienne has engaged in various modes of the arts, but developed a deep passion for photography by capturing the rare and candid moments. The world is often too occupied with the demands of the day to notice the subtle anomalies that are constantly taking place around us. It is for this reason, Julienne uses her lens to bear witness to these once-in-a-lifetime events. 


The name Bright Base has great significance. It describes for whom her art is made. She resolved that "Bright" minded consumers of the visual arts would be her client "Base." The mission of her work is to stir the emotions of those who not only see her work, but can feel it and are able to create their own narratives and connections with her pieces.

View and purchase Julienne's work at Bright Base Photography.

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